Ego Death

Life is a big ass paradox. For those who don’t know what that is here’s the google definition.

 “a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.” 

The reality is that from the moment we're born we are on earth until we aren’t anymore; none of us know when. Some say we're dying to live and living to die at the same time. That's life but two of the few variables we can control running this marathon are our energy and our ego. Two simple words but they are like the mothership of our mental struggles in life from birth.

Control your energy and ego then life is beautiful. Don’t control your energy and ego then life is HELL; a paradox. “How the hell can I do that and what are you saying Kelly?” I hope I’m not going over your heads. How about this. You have good energy, this makes you an asset to anyone. You have bad energy, then you're a liability and nobody wants you around. Simple but not so simple. From birth we only know what we were introduced to, our environments, our parents, family, and what we see; programming. 

This topic has nothing to do with newborns, toddlers, or infants. This is for those who are responsible for their lives and development because I’ll yell “you” right now. NOBODY took the time to dive deep into this cycle with me through being baptized by fire many times I’m blessed to be able to tell you what I learned the hard way so you don’t have to. If you care to save a life, keep reading.

While Ego death is a "complete loss of subjective self-identity". The term is used in various intertwined contexts with related meanings. Simply you must shed your former self in order to evolve. Who are you though? Do you know? Truth is, in today's generations many of us don’t even have any self identity because we’re so infatuated by money, fame, and a name, that we relinquish our powers to the world for “their” validation.

Our parents either just want to get rich, or stay rich to take care of the family; most times at the expense of the child. We grow up in the cycle of our parents being know it alls and having no one to answer to for their decisions so that is what we know. “I can’t wait till I’m grown so I can do whatever I want!” Whether it's a parent spoiling their child or a parent who is too militant or mean. Sadly that is how the ego forms in all of us. Remember I said it's a cycle right? Our parents had to be programmed however they are from someone just like us so we can’t blame them for how we turn out; they're trying the best they can. That $till isn’t an excuse to run from our own demons and use others as punching bags for our pain.

We have to heal ourselves, no matter where you are in your life journey. As long as we’re breathing we have an opportunity to evolve. I can’t speak for anyone’s life I’m speaking on experience and patterns I’ve seen. It’s important to understand this so we can truly unwind that toxic DNA that we learned if any, and save ourselves the heartache. I just had my first child so this cycle must stop with me immediately. We all need to go through things in order to become our true selves, bumping our head a few times in life. Adversity is the greatest teacher. 

“Our darkest days determine the outcome."



An ego death happens when your faced with a situation that faces you to look deep within yourself. It’s apart of being baptized by fire. It will bring upon days where happiness is nowhere to be found and nothing is going your way. The world may feel like it's against you. Remember that we create the world we want to live in so what energy are you putting out in the universe for it to come back to you in a negative way?  An egotistical answer would be “I didn’t do nothing, the universe just doesn’t like me” noooo you must not like yourself because we are put on this universe to find our $ouls full potential and be great so why are you blocking your blessings?

Move with grace, meaning we should appreciate everything. Remain humble meaning don’t think you're any better than anyone else. Remain Positive always & spread love. Remain one with Mind + Body + $oul and your wings will spread. Hear are 9 tips I read that help me on a daily basis. We all will slip up but if we practice good habits consistently then over time this will become routine and make it easier to get back on track. I pray this finds your $oul & you find Peace & Happiness.

  1. Today I choose to love myself.

  2. I am in the process of manifesting my heart’s desires.

  3. I choose not to allow external people, places and things to affect my inner world.

  4. Regardless of what comes my way today I am equipped to handle it and will succeed in anything I choose to do.

  5. I am aware that anything that comes into my life is a reflection of how I am feeling, thinking & acting.

  6. I create the reality I live in with my thoughts, actions and feelings - a positive life starts with a positive mind.

  7. Today I choose to be true to myself and be in divine alignment to my life’s purpose by doing what I feel is right.

  8. There is no room in my life for negativity & no room in my heart for resentment - I am only focused on positivity.

  9. I love myself because I am true to myself, I am true to myself because I love myself.



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