Loved Ones

Moving around a lot as a kid, I never was able to have/keep 'friends' or anyone I could grow up with that I was close to for a long period of time. Which is why as I got older it was easier for leeches to attach themselves to me. I would overcompensate for that lack of validation while growing up. I felt like I needed people in my corner or was responsible to reciprocate the same fake energy as them because we were familiar with one another due to us journeying on our paths together. Utterly unaware of why or our purposes to one another; just floating in the same comfortable toxic bubble of our programmed youth that we even brainwashed ourselves and thought we were really down for one another. I have always been loyal to a fault, put people before myself, and tried to make others happy before myself. Not everyone is even close to the same. You give somebody an inch and they ALWAYS try to take a mile and take your pure intentions to manipulate their evil agenda, at least for me in my life. “Friend” is a word that each individual has a different meaning for but to me its a word with little to no meaning to me, along with “family” . I prefer “Loved One”


This has nothing to do with the genuine people you meet in passing, but don’t connect with on a deeper level. I can only speak for my experiences from those I’ve allowed in my energy. If you love someone or multiple people close to you and will ride for them until the wheels fall off and they will genuinely do the same; then that isn’t a “friend” that is considered a “loved one”. No money, status, or anything to gain involved, just pure love. SALUTE to all who are blessed enough to experience that love, I pray you never take that for granted and cherish that. Blood doesn’t make you  “family” either, “family” can be just as in-genuine as those who aren’t even related to you. The people who claim they love you the most will break your heart repeatedly without any remorse or accountability because they’re entitled to always hold a position in your life.


 That is the cycle of out growing people along your ascension from the fire. You may have days where you feel completely misunderstood, alone, unloved. That is normal, just know that God loves you first and foremost. His energy alone can heal you through this dark time but not only that, if he’s working inside of you then he can do the same for somebody else through you. Losing a friend or cutting off fake people that don’t resonate with your $oul is not any type of ending but more so a new beginning to have a clean restart without anyone blocking your blessings!!! 


Word to Key Glock, “13 years old with a shoe box stash (cash), I’m always up to something , never sitting on my @$$”. Never been one to ask for a handout in my life. I got everything I have out the mud with no handouts. I didn’t have silver spoons growing up it was either plastic or I had to eat with my hands. I learned that from my OG, but even OG’s run out of game to give someday & when they realize you’ve absorbed all of their knowledge and start to apply that shit like pressure they have to pass the torch; which sometimes can be difficult. I’m forever appreciative of everyone I have ever come across along this marathon. God places people in your life to either be a blessing or a lesson. They say some people are here for a reason and some are only here for a season. I’ve only tried to empower my people, whether that be using my platform to help get internships, jobs, helping individuals start LLC’s to be their own bosses or lending my resources to anyone in need. I have never been one to EVER do something for someone and expect for something in return or to hold it over their heads.
One thing I’ve learned is that a guilty conscience isn’t ready to fully accept evolution. I used to get upset at people for not wanting to help themselves, or do the hard shit to actually make a change; then it got to a point that if they weren’t on the same wavelength as me then I was just dragging them around. It would then become apparent that they were okay with being stagnant and complacent and that isn’t something that I feel is morally right to do so I just shut down and shut out. I've seen a lot of people allow their sense of entitlement to fill their ego and become priMadonnas, falling down the rabbit whole of gossip and complaining to those who can relate to their complaints, misery always loves company.  
Talking behind your loved ones back isn’t ok, being jealous of someone else’s success is even worse and not supporting or helping someone else is selfish. If you're not gonna say it to their face to constructively criticize them then that's just hating and if you’re a Dope$oul you can’t be a hater, that doesn’t fit the description. My energy in these words is pain but a healing pain. If you can relate to me then you must be chosen because jealousy, envy, and greed, comes only from those who you’ve outgrown or you’re obviously out growing so keep going!!! GOD$PEED. If you can’t relate just keep evolving in a positive light you’ll know when you know!! But just know, you’re never finished. The $oul Never dies means, just like a Phoenix we will rise every time!  

 -your loved one, T$unami

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