One of my favorite Jim Carrey films is Fun w/ Dick & Jane. If you haven’t seen it I encourage you to it's hilarious and the movie is pure art. The storytelling and the hidden messages inside each joke is the means of a true story of real life through the viewers eyes; a paradox. Essentially all we are doing in the whole movie is laughing at their pain as they continually get the shit end of the stick in every situation that they face. Dick and Jane are a married couple who are trying to achieve the “American Dream” working in their respective fields, Dick is busting his ass to gain a promotion, competing but also working alongside his colleagues, to be noticed by his higher ups. Jane is a working mother who works a 9 to 5 and comes home to take care of the household with the help of their Hispanic Nanny whom they leave their child with while they go to work everyday. I don’t want to spill the whole movie but let's tie the moral of the story into the rabbit whole many humans face that is captured in the film.  

Dick finally gets his “big break” when he is asked to go on live TV and represent the company. His higher ups present this as a grand opportunity. From working his ass off day in and day out for the company he is ecstatic; this is what he has worked his whole life for. He goes home that night and tells his wife that she can finally quit her job and be free & spend more time with their son.  Unfortunately they didn’t Inform him that he is being set up to take the heat of his CEO who just went ghost as the company burns to the ground. Everyone is out of a job and a paycheck. His wife quits her job only to find out this news that her husband doesn’t have a job either anymore.

Oh shit. 

 Living in suburban America, Dick decided to take his time at home and bask in his prideful emotions until the bills started piling up. Then Dick went out looking for work but had some trouble, because his former job title was a VP of communications before “Globedyn tanked”. He couldn’t put his pride aside and accept his new reality.  He had just wasted years of his life working for a title that he was never going to get back. It took for him to lose the landscaping to his house for him to be truly humbled and go make some income, because now the neighbors knew there was trouble in paradise. Simply put, the landscaping company had taken all of his grass and plants in front of his house so he had a yard full of dirt. Dick found a job working at a grocery store but his ego wouldn’t allow him to work there for long.  His wife was out of work as well so she was trying to hustle any way she could for some change also but eventually became a lab rat for cosmetic products. After all else had failed, they went mad and decided to take back what they felt was stolen from them. Dick began searching for money through pyramid schemes, and eventually scratching and clawing for yard work gigs.

Success by any means. 


It’s unfortunate that they had to result to this, but the cycle is the same for everyone who is drowning in debt around the world. For those who grow up in low income living and have Dicks & Janes as parents I just want you to know that you can be a boss, you can create the narrative and break that cycle. It’s never too late either. I’m not coming for any parents or individuals at all, this shit is hard but it’s just a mindset that we must break out of and formulate new patterns of thinking. As a parent you want your kids to have it better than you did, that’s the reason we go so hard to take care of ours. Sometimes the fatigue from our journey can cloud how much energy we put into effective leadership, but....

The key is fighting that within ourselves, to breed the next generation of greatness. 

We’re only supposed to know what we are taught or what we see growing up. If you saw your whole family live like Dicks and Janes, getting shit on by the corporations that pay the bills, then what else are you gonna know? Watching your parents go through the same routine everyday until they are broken down mentally, physically, and spiritually, through the constant pressures to provide for loved ones, but just never applied themselves to actually be the bosses. So their life is predicated on someone else’s decision making and judgment. It doesn’t have to be that way if we apply ourselves responsibly & correct the mistakes of others who’ve come before us. That is our starting point, it will take consistent work because nothing in life is easy, but that just means it’s worth it.


"Each level you reach,  you will face the same devils."

Don’t think that just because you reach a certain point in your journey that you won’t face the same problems because you will. If you’re naive to that then you will be caught off guard and those issues will own you. I'm constantly battling that till this day asking myself questions like, why not me? Or when can I get more opportunities? 

It's a lonely feeling to be Dick...

.....because you put your all into something and want to do whatever you need to to be the best but you don’t know what is going on on the top floor; but you keep working and keep busting your ass to get up there & when you do you see that it’s more chaotic and all over the place then where you just came from & soon find out they just need a new scapegoat for when shit really hits the fan. So you never had a real chance to begin with. You are not alone, but each day is another opportunity to break that cycle. 



"There’s a valuable lesson in this"

Although they had reached rock bottom together they never gave up, they went through the fire just to come out on top, by getting back everyone who was messed over by the company and their earnings that were stolen from them. This is when they truly begin to live. Learn from everything, be a boss that isn’t a selfish prick, someone who is organized, caring, and graceful to their employees. We all have to start somewhere. Very few individuals start off at the top but if you have to work your way up be mindful of your path. Don’t let things go over your head without being fully aware; ask questions and gain as much knowledge as you can because that is power... and don’t be a know it all.  Be grateful for all opportunities because you can get your big break at any moment. Stay prayed up & whether you read any of this read the title and the last sentence. Don’t be a Dick & Jane; if you're $Till in the cycle you can begin the mental changes to break that! 

On $oul | GOD$PEED

Who’s gonna break the cycle? 

                                   - T$unami 


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