Raising A Queen

This is a topic that has been in my spirit to touch on ever since the day Shy and I found out that we were having a baby girl. Thanksgiving of the year 2020 to be exact. Having a child is the biggest blessing to come to me in this life by far, God has a reason for all that he does. I'm sure you have all heard the ongoing jokes of what God is trying to tell us when we either have a girl or a boy, if not allow me to enlighten you on the dry humor. I’ve been told that if your first child is a girl, then God is trying to teach you to soften your heart and show more empathy. He’s trying to teach you how to truly love a woman. If you have a boy he’s trying to open your heart more and accept love. In my experience this could not have been more true, from the day that my princess was born I have had a completely different outlook on what I thought love was, what I complacently thought empathy was, patience, & sacrifice. Being raised by a single father, I had never truly experienced empathetic love. I never had my mom in my life to cuddle me, hold me when I was hurting, or even tuck me into bed at night. So as you can imagine, I grew up to be trained as a warrior, nothing short. 

My wife will tell you better than I can, I can be a complete unemotional, unaffectionate MAN of Men. Rough around the edges of my heart, but before you judge me, take a step into my shoes, I never had the love given to me, to give to others. Since the day that I have met my beautiful $oulmate $hylynn,  all of my old patterns began to change. We both grew up needing someone like our new and improved selves in our life, to fully begin to reach our full potential. Through many stubborn lessons we’ve both had to learn the hard way, we finally can have a better understanding on how to sharpen each others knives. This isn’t about two kids in their early to mid 20’s though, its about our baby girl. On the day of May 14th, 2021 at 1:55pm at El Camino Hospital our biggest blessing came alive. Never have I ever experienced a moment so surreal, the moment Málibu came out of the womb $hy and I were at a complete loss for words. Just looking at each other, then looking at her, then back to each other like what the F#$% just happened. Our whole worlds were flipped upside down, we knew that this wasn’t about us anymore, we had a beautiful little angel right in front of us who would have to rely on us to survive in this world. 


This world as it has become today is not like how it was in 1995 or 1998 when we were born. As the generations grow older, we see the failures of the previous ones come to light even more everyday. Not saying it was much different back then, because other than the enhancement of technology, which is a huge factor, it wasn’t.  Everything is much more hypersensitive because of technology so we have to be even more mindful of what our kids are digesting into their cerebrals. From my knowledge there has been a plan to manipulate the previous generations by tarnishing their innocence as youth through sexual abuse, causing many to question their own lives, sexuality, genders, etc. That plan had to start going into action from the moment this new world was discovered. I don’t know anything but what I’ve gone through and I’m not here to call anyone out. I just see the trend and I wouldn’t be $erving if I didn’t let people know true evil.

 Now that the majority of that work is coming to fruition you see, all the new movements are forming to seem normal; it's not. God wants us all to love and be loved as he did so the fact that mental health is being pushed more and more goes to show you not everyone is right in the mental! Again I am not typing this blog to outcast anyone or speak on things I don’t know, these are all trends and patterns that I have noticed in my walk of life, and a subliminal message of relation to it all. As an entirely heterosexual male who is comfortable in his own skin I tell you guys that I was once a child who was manipulated and harassed in more ways than one, but that shit didn’t break me. My biggest fear in raising my daughter in this world today is exposing her to bad people, evil humans. I lack the simple trust with my own “family” because of this. I say that to say for you to be mindful of what your children are digesting while under your watch and more importantly if or when they are under the watch of anyone else. From the moment they’re born their brains are sponges soaking up everything around them. Women have always had it more difficult when it comes to staying out of harm's way, and a lot of Father figures are failing these Queens and pretty much leaving them to fend for themselves while they abuse their nature and fuel their small egos . In the Bible God created Man & realized the man was lonely, in need of a partner. He then realized in order for HUMANS to fulfill the Plan of God , they needed to procreate to fill the earth, so women was made from Man’s Rib.

When you really know the root it gives you a different understanding,  I hope. Why look at the women any differently than men when we wear different crowns ? They will never know what it’s like to go through what a man goes through and we will never ever be able to wear their shoes. 

If a woman  isn’t equipped with the proper tools to understand her worth, she was failed by man. So to my Men who are reading this , it’s our Duty to protect our ribs. Without them , our hearts will fall out and it’s game over. If not , perish along with the worldly satisfactions you’re gambling with. 

In the game of chess, the Queen is the strongest piece on the board, the most feared piece in the King's army. Without a powerful Queen the King Dies, and the game is over. We need to be raising Queens, in God's kingdom, due to the lack of love and care, more children today are sacrificial Pawns on the board and have no proper guidance on how to live righteous, humbly, & confident. F#<% that, I know we can do better, I pray this message finds you well, and if you don’t completely understand this, please ask, if I have offended anyone, get over yourself & go read the Bible. God is love. You either L I V E or you’re E V I L . 

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